Our Ancestors From Minoa (Ancient Crete, Greece)

"it's interesting to note that one of the Minoan mtDNA sequences belonged to the rare H13a1a haplogroup."   

(H13a1a is the mtDNA of Edna Anderson and all of her female ancestors and descendants on the female line. I like it that we are rare. And I like it that we or at least our ancient cousins were in Minoa, which is Crete, Greece.  I was there three years ago and really like it.  Now, how they got to Norway is a mystery, but they were a nautical people.)

H13a1a and R1b were recently found in late Neolithic Bell Beaker remains from Germany (see here and here). Moreover, today H13a1a shows a peak in frequency and diversity in the Caucasus, particularly in Dagestan, but also occurs at low frequencies in Italy, Sardinia and Iberia."

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